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    How to apply for a Social Club account?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 1. Open the Social Club webpage, click [Sign in or Join Social Club], as shown in Figure:
      2, enter [Sign in or Join Social Club], click [Create A New Academ] to register, as shown in the figure. :
      3, after entering [Create A New Account], select the birthday date. NEXT] After completing the registration, as shown in the figure:
      5, after the registration is successful, it will return to the homepage, as shown in the figure:
      extension information:
      social club Language, viewpoints and feelings in different situations such as culture and life help students expand the knowledge of English language and cultural background while practicing spoken language.
      Social function:
      The clubs that use sports as the main activity content, have good social functions. Many people participate in the group sports projects to have an intimate friendship and hope in the movement.
      Entertainment function: an important activity of club members is entertainment.
      Psychological function: Successful clubs can play a role in meeting the three needs of security, status, and social.
      Ip function: Once a person becomes a member of a club, he may establish stronger confidence and feel the strong collective power.
      Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Club

    2. You can use the webpage registration on the computer / mobile side, please click: Social Club member registration page; according to page requirements, fill in the relevant information.
      If the page is not brushed out, please refresh attempts, the RGSC webpage does not need magic.
      rockstar game social club is a common platform for Rockstar's game. If you want to play the online mode of Rockstar's game, a RGSC account is essential and can be equivalent to your PSN or Xbox Live account.
      RGSC account application steps are as follows:

      1. Click the link above to open the registration page and create a new account; N3, enter the mailbox, password, and nickname (there is a corresponding prompt object under the page, you can click the selection according to the system prompts), click the next step;
      4, the account creation is successful and the registration is completed; you can improve the individual on this page. file.
      5, after the file is perfect, click Submit to enter the platform page

    3. 1. First open the Rockstar Social Club website: Rockstar

      2, click the registration in the upper right corner
      3, fill in the birth date truthfully, click the next step
      n4, check me that has been selected. Read and accept EULA, terms, conditions and conditions, and behavioral policies, including data transmission regulations. Click Next
      5, enter your own mailbox, password you want to set, and nicknames, etc. After verifying the successful verification, click the next step
      6, the account is successfully created, the appearance after login

    4. Social club member registration page
      1. Open the registration page, create a new account

      2, read and accept the platform rules, click the next
      3, fill in the relevant information according to the prompts, click the next step to be the next step. Can be completed by

      4, the new account is completed, you can improve the personal file on this page
      5, click to submit, you can enter the platform page

    5. First enter the website:., Click Join The Club yellow box to register in the upper right corner, fill in various hooks to confirm, pay attention to the nickname cannot have space, 6-16 characters, then the choice of avatar, choose what you like, so, so, so It's okay.
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