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    Is the real -name authentication ID of the Mahjong game safe?


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “Is the real -name authentication ID of the Mahjong game safe?”
    1. 一般情况下,如果只是填写姓名和身份证的话,通常问题不大,因为一般是官方数据库进行验证,也是个别行业强制要求的,虽然平台基本会保留这些数据,但是内容还不算太敏感,但是If you want to upload your ID photo, you need to be cautious.
      . Domestic games have now required identity certification
      Mi may already have noticed our domestic mobile online games. At present, it has basically responded to the notice of the Ministry of Culture. The authentication entrance must be reminded after all. Players pay attention to the prompt to complete the identity authentication before May 1st. The real -name authentication entrance is basically just a mode of registering ID number registration. Some games of the authentication in some games need to verify the mode of ID number and ID number. It will be restricted, such as the purchase card in the game.
      . Can real -name verification block the minor playing games?
      The online games In order to prevent minors from overdentizing the game company, they have withdrawn from the anti -addiction system many years ago. According to the law of my country's law, it is also listed on the sale of online games to the minor. The indulgence system has not played a lot of role. Some platforms Yang Feng did not strictly check at all. For example, there are real -name accounts on e -commerce shopping platforms and social software, as well as software to solve face recognition. All will make the anti -addiction system be broken, and minors can easily bypass the restrictions of the system.
      In this shows that parents, as the first guardians of the underage, should give more attention and guardianship when their children log in to the game, and accompany them to participate in the physical and mental health entertainment activities of friendship in daily life. If the child has more choices, he will not be obsessed with online games.

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