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    Is the ternary game reliable? Is the account security good?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Is the ternary game reliable? Is the account security good?”
    1. It is basically safe. I have traded it many times in remote transactions. Most of them have a few precautions for wow:
      1, do you have to try your best to understand the other party, why did he sell the number, how does his reputation in the game, etc. Essence
      2, you need to pay attention to the original registration information of the account, such as ID cards, mailboxes, mobile phones, secret protection, and so on. Also, it is best to take a look at the information of the characters in the next account before paying the money, such as money, class, prestige, equipment, etc.
      3, of course, it is best to trade in person. You ca n’t go in person to go to third -party trading platforms such as 5173 or Alipay. Do n’t pay for his bank card before. This is the lowest -level deceiving method, and you ca n’t give him half of it first. This is obviously deceiving.
      4, alert the price lower than the market price, alert to you first, be alert to the place where the seller lives is near the city where the game customer service is located (such as WOW in Shanghai), because the player wants to take the ID card to the customer service center In order to retrieve the information, if it is far away, the value of the account is not enough, haha.

    2. Sanyuan is made from well -known domestic technical teams. At the same time that the safety performance is green and non -toxic, it has also established multiple security protection to ensure the privacy of user information. I have been playing for a few months. It is stable and trustworthy.

    3. Sanyuan game is a chess and card competition game with a lot of real players. In the game, you can experience the real chess and card competitive gameplay. Thousands of people can team up for PK at any time. Players can join the game with one click, one Blind record.

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