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    What are the children's chess?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “What are the children's chess?”
    1. I. Step by step

      A super interesting puzzle board game game. The gameplay is easy to get started. During my own travel and blocking the other party, I am superbly developing baby thinking: logical reasoning and concentration.

    2. Go or chess is a tool for entertainment. For anyone, including children, they are interest and hobbies.

      The hobbies of a person, there is no good or bad distinction!

      The educational misunderstanding of Parent is: always measures everything with right or wrong, and artificially add moral abduction. In short, a person is wandering between right or wrong, and it can only inspire the psychological effects of boredom and resistance. It is harmful to people.

      Prepritrimation to cultivate children's personality quality. Use children's hobbies, stimulate children's hobbies, and then cultivate children's serious efforts, and persist in the quality of beginning and end. To cultivate children to overcome difficulties, they must complete the quality of a complete learning process.

      : How your child choose chess projects, either the child's own preferences and children's preferences, which can stimulate the initiative of learning; either your parent understands and good at it, after all, In this way, your parents will have a common hobby and children in the future. In interaction, the parent -child relationship is also available. There are also common topics, which is more convenient for children to guide education and reduce differences.

      . Parents need to remember one: No matter which chess you choose to learn, the key is to agree with the child. You must learn the end and should not be abandoned halfway. Not to mention the mood or bad, three days of fishing and two days of learning. The study of any project, even if it is a game entertainment learning, is beginning to be fun. After further deepening, it will be boring and need to be hard -working. Anyone, any child is tender to participate in the fun stage. When he is studying in -depth study, it is the training of training and cultivating children to overcome difficulties and the cultivation of unremitting efforts. Parents do not pay attention to this detail. They only use their children to learn today. Tomorrow do not want to learn from other hobbies to learn new ones. Such companionship is to deliberately cultivate the quality of children's knowledge and retreat. Everything is a bad habit of abolishing halfway. In the end, the child became a low -powered person with no wool.

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