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    What are the means to prevent cheating in chess and card mobile game operators?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What are the means to prevent cheating in chess and card mobile game operators?”
    1. Many players are playing. There will always be a variety of problems. Especially when chess and card mobile games, some friends will have some cheating. In order to prevent this cheating, operators have made great efforts. For example, some more formal platforms, in order to prevent the game from being attacked by plug -in and cheating, they have been rented Alibaba Cloud Advanced Series. All games in the platform provide financial -level security defense. In simple terms, if there are criminals who want to attack these platforms, then he first needs to break through Ali's server, that is, to defeat Ma Yun's team. This method stops cheating from the source.

    2. From some websites we can learn about some measures to prevent cheating. First of all, players can make video playback, dazzling cards to prevent cheating. After the game is over, players can query the game video, and at the same time can share the video to show off the card skills, check the historical bureau, and check the cheating artifact.
      It, the mobile phone platform can perform game positioning GPS anti -cheating. Automatically alarm with IP. GPS positioning ranging; whether a few gamers are too close to the distance, there are several mobile phones with IP, showing clearly, clearly understand whether the player is cheating by watching cards around him.

    3. After all, it is a mobile game, not a face -to -face, to prevent cheating, the most important thing is the control of time. If two real people are next, he will not limit how many seconds you need to think about when thinking about one step. This is a means to prevent you from cheating. Secondly, he will disrupt his mind and will not let your thinking be fixed. If you are still playing Poker cards, your knife is relatively messy. The same, so it has a large database to control.

    4. In fact, in order to have a fair competitive environment, many types of operators have considers cheating and cheating. If they can cheat, then this is not interesting. There must be a time limit. Secondly, he will constantly change your mind, so that you can not see its thoughts. If you have any illegal operation, you will also find it in the background. Therefore, there is still a certain fairness of mobile games if you have a certain fairness. Although you can prevent some means, if you say that you look at the book, he still cannot find it.

    5. There is a means to prevent the plug -in system because the chess and card mobile game operators will pay attention to the extra -curricular outside of the plug -in. We need to know their way. Do preventive measures before launch to prevent hackers from attacking the server. In addition, in addition to problems, there must be solutions and methods. The mobile game on cheating is still good.

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