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    What H5 game platforms are there?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. The H5 game is a very important type of scenes in H5. It can also be said that the word H5 jumps to the public because the H5 game "Siege Nurgence Cat" burst fire screen.
      From 2014 to 2020, we also saw a lot of fun H5 games, but these H5 mini games can see the shadows on other apps, mainly because H5 games are mainly used for marketing. There are also many platforms, but the professionalism is different. The lower flexibility and simple game creation here will not be introduced.

      The egret engine -egret open platform
      Introduction: Egret is a complete HTML5 game development solution. Egret contains multiple tools and projects. Egret Engine is a language -based HTML5 game engine, which is released under the BSD license.
      The domestic game development leader, focusing on the field of game development, can also produce a small game on the web side. The overall interface is very similar to Flash. If you have the foundation of making Flash, the production should be easier and suitable for professional games. Producer. rn意派Epub360-专业的H5页面制作工具rn意派Epub360 属于专业级别的H5制作网站,能实现交互动画效果;较高级的交互设定,比如手势触发、摇一摇、 Dragging interactive, collision detection, gravity sensing, associated control, etc.; At the same time support user information acquisition, including nickname avatars, photos, recording and other functions, combined with voting, review, assistance, and information list components to easily realize social interactive H5 design r design
      Due to the more functional function, the natural operation is more complicated, but you can also directly apply the template to modify.
      The special effects that comes with the system can be added. Parameters accurately control interaction and add interaction logic, which is very suitable for old drivers with more H5 production experience.

      About the professional ability of the editor
      Professional interaction function
      support professional -level animation control, interactive settings, social applications and data applications to ensure the enterprise's enterprise Commercial demand is successfully realized.
      The operation is simple, smooth
      It uses simple to difficult to progress product design models, components of the effect, reduce the difficulty of users to get started, and stable operating environment to help the company's continuous creative output.
      The provides enterprise/media training and customization services
      Is provide H5 tool training and customized services for enterprises/media units. Customized services include code scanning, large -screen interaction, H5 games and other scenarios. Long -term partners such as Jiefang Daily, China Merchants Bank, and Guangxi Daily.
      This provides high -quality template library
      providing rich template libraries, 500 high -quality enterprise H5 templates, various invitation letters, recruitment, holiday posters, and H5 mini games.
      The privatization deployment service
      The privatization deployment system functional architecture of Shanghai Italian technology to cover functional layers, service layers, and system support layers.
      function layer:
      H5 content management, H5 editor, H5 release management, H5 access statistics, H5 data collection, material resource management, form management, database definition, personal account information management.
      A service layer:
      user management, material resource management, H5 work management, work playback, form management, database management, access statistics, WeChat JSSDK, WeChat authorization, H5 interactive data processing, database service, voice, voice, voice, voice, voice Picture processing, message line.
      System support layer:
      django application server, MySQL database storage, MongoDB, Redis memory database, MEMCACHE cache, OSS file storage, Celery queue
      The H5 platform can use more professional components to create more creative possibilities, greater creative freedom space, and more marketing data effects.

    2. For H5 online game platform, there are many of all applications, such as Baidu mini -game, 360 mini game, 4399 online play, game dogs and other mini games. There are many different types and distinctives.

    3. Welfare Mobile Games APP platform Preferred Wind Forest Mobile Games
      Fenglin Mobile Games Platform (14294) is a mobile game platform specially created for players. The deduction coupon that can be received directly is very friendly to the newcomer players. We are committed to becoming a mobile game operation platform that is loved by players.
      The platforms include various types such as legends, fairy, cards, strategies, Three Kingdoms, role -playing, etc., and there are popular BT mobile games such as free full -level VIP, GM privileges, and H5 type mobile games. You can play, no need to download.
      Operating process:
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      2. After entering the game

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