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    Why is Tencent's happy bullfighting?


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “Why is Tencent's happy bullfighting?”
    1. Replaced by happy fighting chess cards.
      "Happy Bullet" is a desktop casual poker game developed by Tencent. It is a local, very fast game speed, and exciting chess and card game. It is mainly popular in Hunan, Guangdong, and Guangxi.
      "Happy Bullet" is because there are many online players, simple gameplay, wisdom and bravery, and won the favorite of many players. Instantly, you can experience infinite fun. Except for the original local bullfighting gameplay, happy bullfighting is divided into: see cards to grab villages, random dealers, and world wars.
      Pucting data
      The game can be performed from 2 to 6 people at the same time. A total of 52 cards (except for the size of the size). After determining the dealer, the system will give players 5 cards each. Users will be based on 5 according to 5. The cards are arranged and combined, and the idle family and the dealer are compared with the size.
      The players must divide the 5 cards in their hands into two groups, the first group of cards is 3, and the second group is 2. If the two sets of cards appear here, the number of points becomes 10 times, it will win.

    2. Tencent's happy bullfight is not removed, you can find it in the Baidu App, and then download and install it, follow the steps below.

      The first step, open the mobile phone Baidu app.
      Step 2, click the search box.
      It Step 3, Enter Happy Bullfighting, click Search.
      The fourth step, enter the Tencent Happy Bullfighting APP download link.
      Step 5, click Android to download.
      Step 6, download and wait for the game installation.
      Step 7, complete the installation, you can enter the Tencent Happy Bullon App.

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